“Arthur blinked at the screens and felt he was missing something important. Suddenly he realized what it was.”

In Arthur’s case he was thinking about tea, but in most of our lives I think what we find we’re missing the most is love.  This is a sonnet I wrote to commemorate the renewal of vows between two very good friends of mine.  They had asked that people stand up and speak about their relationship, and in fear that people wouldn’t…I wrote this to recite:


Beth and Daniel

We are here today to celebrate

the second stating of their vows

Let us join together to commemorate

Daniel and Beth’s renewal now.


Fifteen years have hence past

Since they first walked down the aisle

Their union the first and last.

Of their love there’s no denial


Oh, but what Daniel didn’t know

Fifteen long years ago

of Beth’s particular quid pro quo

with Puppies and Kitties their home they would outgrow


But even with the animals galore, Daniel’s love is STILL there

So let’s give a big hooooray!!! for a never ending love affair


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